Why is it like this? Why is playing English such an important role? As I see it English is the “new Latin”, a kind of “mediator language” as Latin was in the past. You only must learn one language and you will be able to communicate with people from all over the world. English is the language of our international communication in all areas, such as politics, science, media or art and it is often the language of entertainment as well as socialising.


Having a good command of English helps us to have more opportunities in life, first, our career. We are likely to have more chance of finding a good job or to get our business of the ground.


  1. Basic grammar and Advanced Grammar
  2. Essential English Vocabulary (around 2000 words)
  3. Jam Sessions
  4. Conversation
  5. Confidence Building Activities
  6. Presentation skills
  7. Public Speaking Skills
  8. Sentences Making
  9. Group Discussion
  10. Speech Fluency
  11. Debate