f you feel your child’s poor handwriting is affecting academic performance, please do seek therapy evaluation to help get to the bottom of the issues.

1. Strengthen fine motor skills2. Try a pencil grip3. Strengthen the upper body4. Try italic cursive5. Understand basic cursive rules6. Frequent breaks7. Pick your battles8. Figure a work-around9. More thoughtsChildren with poor handwriting can often write on some level and may experience difficulty with other fine motor skills, such as tying shoes.However, poor handwriting does not affect all fine motor skills. Children with poor handwriting often have unusual difficulty with handwriting and spelling which in turn can cause writing fatigue.They may lack basic grammar and spelling skills (for example, having difficulties with the letters p, q, b, and d), and often will write the wrong word when trying to formulate their thoughts on paper. The problem generally emergeswhen the childis first introduced to writing.Some more food for thought…

When an older child is referred for handwriting issues, my first recommendation is that we first think about WHY the handwriting is so lousy.
Has your child always had a poor pencil grip and weak fine motor skills?
Or is handwriting poor because your child rushes through it?
If your child always rushes, then motivation may be more of an issue than fine motor delays through coach with proper schedule and management.
If your child is always rushing writing tasks, what is the reason behind it?
Distractibility and poor concentration?A general dislike of schoolwork, boredom with that particular topic or a need to finish quickly to move on to the next activity?
If your child can write neatly on occasion, what is it that motivates them?

One coach/mentor is to use your child’s dream vocation to inspire and encourage –
I tell my son that if he wants to be an airplane pilot, he has to make sure his figures (numbers) are legible, otherwise he will end up at the wrong coordinate on the map!
Answering these questions honestly could help you unlock some keys to help your older child improve handwriting skills.
Basic Tips to Improve handwriting and Fine motor skills.

1. Hold the pencil correctly:Handwriting – hold the pencil correctly!Hire mentor/coach who can give him/her target to complete task on particular time.
Mentor and Coach has to keep focus on these points-:Know what to look for

  1. The shapes( loops, curves, hard corners, etc)
  2. The slant’s degree (the angle in which you write the letters)
  3. The alignment (upward or downward angle, any overlapping with other letters, etc )
  4. The spacing
  5. The size
  6. The line quality (hard to read, heavy pressure on paper, etc.)

Coach has to conduct an honest and hard assessment of the way your handwriting currently looks
Some ideas of mistakes to look for can include:

  1. Letters that are too far apart or squished together.
  2. Crooked alignment
  3. Too steep an angle in your letters
  4. Letter shapes that are hard to read or even illegible.
  5. Letters that are too faint or pressed to hard in to the paper.

Additional Recommendations to Coach/Mentor/Teacher/Parents-:

Children who have difficulty with handwriting spend more time thinking about letter formation when he/she should be thinking of words or contents to be written. The following recommendations can therefore be made to correct the problem of poor handwriting in children-:

1. Adequate teacher preparation must be made in the teaching of handwriting.

2. Teacher must be interested in inculcating neat and legible handwriting in children.

3. Students must be taught by both parents and teachers not to write mixture of capitals and lower case letters, illegible script, a mixture of cursive and poorly formed letters, slopping in multiple directions, joining letters incorrectly, dis-uniform in size and too large or too small letter formations.

4. The awareness of children should be raised by emphasizing the importance of a good handwriting as it was revealed in the findings that students who are not expose to various writing skill score below average mark while those that are properly guided on how to write score above average mark.

5. School authority should organized seminars on how to teach handwriting skills to children.

Warm RegardsCoach Hina Soni(International Certified Career Coach, Master Coach (NCDA-USA), Certified Family Therapist, Certified Dermatoglyphic Consultant, Certified Personality Development Trainer, Counsellor, Certified Parenting Coach)www.abcdsuccess.com[email protected]

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