(Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling Post Graduate in Psychology Senior Counsellor, Coach, Mentor and Career Counsellor)

A well renowned coach and counsellor in Chandigarh region who possess different competencies like her management part, problem-solving skills, people-oriented, trustworthiness, patience, observational skills, patience and communication skills. She seeks to understand and explain thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behavior. She uses techniques such as observation, assessment, and experimentation to develop theories about the beliefs and feelings that influence individuals.

She is an expert to evaluate behavior, personality, career, Interest and hobby through controlled experiments like psychometric evaluation, scientific Geometry, aptitude test, employability test, Career analysis etc. She also may administer personality, performance, intelligence tests like CQ, IQ, AQ and EQ. She looks for patterns of behavior or relationships between events, and uses this information when testing theories in their research or when treating clients. Skills Expertise in diagnosing, identifying, and treating various psychological conditions Expertise in collecting clients’ information through interviews, observations, tests and surveys. Adeptness in creating and implementing client career and therapy plans. Proficiency in conducting surveys pertaining to human brain function and behavior. Skill in creating programs that help address psychological issues in campuses and workplaces Updated with the latest innovations in Psychology. Knack for helping people especially in dealing with
their personal issues and career.