Diploma Course in Child Development

Knowledge of how children within a given age span typically develop and learn provides a general framework to guide teachers in preparing the learning environment, considering curriculum, designing learning experiences, and teaching and interacting with children.

Individuals with a career in child development can find positions in many different industries. Some may gravitate more toward counselling and family support services, while others may find that working in the classroom best suits their interests.

The industries that employ child development professionals are varied, offering many different options for individuals considering this field. Career options can be found across public, private, and non-profit settings.

An optimum amount of child development knowledge is also important for educators to know the sequences in which children gain specific concepts, skills, and abilities, building on prior development and learning.

The foundation of high-quality caregiving and teaching is knowledge about how most children grow and learn that has been gathered by many trained observers (i.e., researchers) who have observed many children.

  • Prenatal development
  • Process of birth
  • Abilities of the newborn
  • Implications of biological influences during development
  • Describing physical and motor development during infancy, preschool and middle childhood years.
  • Explaining the social and emotional disparities in terms of social and emotional domain of the child.
  • Critically evaluating through theoretical perspective of personality and moral development of the child.
  • Covers the theoretical concept and framework describing development of cognition, learning, intelligence, and creativity.
  • Also covering the socio-cultural influences of overall cognitive development.
  • Explaining the interrelationship with language development and other domains of development.
  • Familiarity with theories of language acquisition.
  • Covers the dynamic interaction between health, nutrition, and child
  • Describing the basic concepts of nutrition.