1. The Art of effective Communication :

a. Verbal Communication
• Probing Skill (Open Ended, Close Ended & Counter Productive
b. Fabrication:
• Making Stories
• Creative Imagination Skill
c. Summarizing
d. Listening (Active, Reflective & Passive Listening)

2. Etiquette and Personal Grooming :

a. Making a Great First Impression
b. How to present yourself to people
c. Greetings, Introductions
d. The art of small talk – How to make proper introductions, Paying & Receiving
Compliments, Small Talk & Networking.
e. Developing Your Professional and Personal Image
f. Personal Hygiene
g. Polish interpersonal skills

3. Etiquette of Dressing :

a. The do’s and don’ts in dressing
b. Understanding various dress codes
c. Clothes and Corporate Culture.

4. Conflict Resolution Process :

a. Getting to the Root Cause
b. Examining Root Cause
c. Identifying the Benefits of Resolution

5. Generating Options & Building a Solution :

a. Generate, don’t Evaluate
b. Creating Mutual Gain Options and Multiple Option Solutions
c. Digging Deeper into your Options
d. Creating a Shortlist
e. Choosing a Solution

6. Managing Emotions – Enhancing Emotional Intelligence :

a. Keeping your cool
b. Empathy
c. Asking yourself empowering questions
d. Usage of vocabulary and how it affects emotional states
e. Moving from being reactive to being responsive

7. Interpersonal Communication :

a. To educate participants on tips and strategies those are followed by people with a highlevel of interpersonal intelligence, for participants to start using in order to create powerful results in business relationships.
b. Starting and sustaining conversations that are engaging Handling conversations with the opposite sex.
c. Acknowledging differences
d. Giving and receiving compliments
e. Coming across as a positive person
f. Avoiding bad conversational habits
g. Communicating Effectively at the Workplace.
h. To enable participants to effectively communicate in business situations they encounter on a regular basis Dealing with difficult people.

8. Communication Skill :

a. Improving your understanding of your transactions with people.
b. Providing you alternate ways of conducting your transactions with people.
c. Understanding yourself and others and communicating accordingly
9. Professional Writing Skill
a. Resume Writing
b. Email Writing Methodology
c. Comprehensions
d. Passage Writing
e. Picture Page Story Writing

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