Relationships are complex. That probably comes as no surprise!
The main reason is that not only does a relationship consist of two individuals with their own life experiences, values, beliefs, needs and desires but a third element, the relationship itself, with all the interactions and dynamics that it brings. Couples are attracted by the social and conscious fit between them and also the unconscious fit. Most people can explain the former such as physical attraction, similar interests, backgrounds, lifestyles etc. This, none more so apparent than in the online dating scene where people are making initial choices based purely on the conscious fit with a view to then refining based on ‘compatibility’.

Couples must achieve all requirements in their partners.

1. Security
2. Trust
3. Reliability
4. Accountability
5. Volt
6. Integrity
7. Non judgmental
8. Generosity
9. Communication
10. Love languages
11. Loving words
12. Helpful actions
13. Time together
14. Helpful actions

It is important to look after yourself be aware of and get your needs met as an individual but to also invest in your partner for the benefit of the relationship. If both are doing this, long term compatibility is more likely. The key factors are communication, understanding, connection and a willingness to invest in the relationship, which in turn relies on vulnerability and trust. Whether you are newly single and wanting to understand, what went wrong, are on the dating scene looking to meet someone new, in a committed relationship and wish to make the best of it or in a relationship that is struggling and wish to improve it there is much to consider. If this is all new are confusing to you then try talking to a therapist who can help you understand yourself and what is important to you in developing a compatible relationship.

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