Every individual is complete in itself and everybody is unique our brain analysis report helps you to identify your true potential your skills and it will
help you to optimize your overall skill sets which would eventually lead to a highly successful and prosperous vocation.

Brain Analysis Report has many points by which you will get to know your abilities which makes you completely aware one from another like-:

1. Be what you want to be, Inborn Personality and Behavior, Theory of personality, Brain Dominance, Central Nervous System and Brain lobes, Multiple Quotient EQ, IQ, CQ, AQ, Learning Style, Multiple intelligences, Activities driven by multiple Intelligence, Career Guide, Career Options etc.

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Hina Soni
(International Certified Career Coach, Master Coach (NCDA-USA), Certified Family Therapist, Certified Dermatoglyphics Consultant, Certified Personality Development Trainer, Counsellor, Certified Parenting Coach)

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  • Duration : 40 week
  • Assessments : Self
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