Positive Teaching and Classroom Certified Course

Certified Course in Positive Teaching and Classroom Management

Positive classroom management techniques require some creativity, but when used well, they can change the dynamic in the classroom. With positive classroom management, teachers change from the police, looking for instances of bad behaviour, to supportive educators, working with the students to help them learn.

  1. Elements in the 21st Century classroom
  2. The critical role of classroom management
  3. Rules and procedures
  4. Disciplinary interventions
  5. Teacher-student relationships
  6. Mental set
  7. Student’s responsibility for management
  8. Getting off to a good start Physical Setting Resource s People Time Content
  9. A new way of thinking about classroom management
  10. Functional behavioural analysis and intervention planning
  11. Basics of applied behaviour analysis
  12. Technology use for classroom and behaviour management
  13. Building an emotionally safe and engaging environment
  14. How to deal with feelings that interfere with learning
  15. Seven skills that invite kids to cooperate
  16. The pitfalls of punishment: Alternatives that lead to self-discipline
  17. Solving problems together: six steps that engage children’s creativity and commitment
  18. Praise that doesn’t demean, criticism that doesn’t wound
  19. How to free a child who is locked in a role
  20. The parent-teacher partnership
  21. Reducing or eliminating disruptive and rule-violation behaviour
  22. Keeping students on-task and completing assignments
  23. Legal and ethical practices for the benefit of all learners within the classroom
  24. Basic responsibilities – the teacher, student, and parent
  25. Positive expectations
  26. Being a good manager
  27. Designing lessons to help students reach mastery
  28. Becoming a professional
  29. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and classroom management
  30. No Child Left Behind and classroom management
  31. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and classroom management