Every human being is born with an InbornTalent and Multiple Intelligences. If one is able to identify his/her inborn talent then he/she can build upon it and can surely excel in life.However, most people fail to identify their inborn talent due to which they take wrong decisions in selecting their career and extra-curricular activities.This analysis will clearly highlight your inborn talent, multiple intelligences, preferred learning style, level of various quotients, personality trait and behavior, your strengths & weaknesses and also the way to develop the desired intelligence. This analysis discloses the inborn qualities, however, over a period of time, with great efforts one can acquire the desired skills but there will not be a great difference between inborn and acquired skill.

In 1892, the famous English Anthropologist, Francis Galton(Sir Francis Galton, FRS, was an English Victorian era polymath: a statistician, sociologist, psychologist, anthropologist, eugenicist, tropical explorer, geographer, inventor, meteorologist, proto-geneticist, and psychometrician) his book, in which he shared the methods of identifying the fingerprint in which are called Whorl, Loop, Arch & Accidental. In 1926, Dr. Cummins, the father ofDermatoglyphics started his research on the same.Over the years, by various researches and thesis it has been proven that no two people can have the same fingerprints.And once a child is born his fingerprints are completely developed, and they remain unchanged till the end of life.
Fingerprints start developing from 13th week of gestation period and this is the same period when the brain of the fetus also starts developing. It has been proven that the fingerprints reveal so many things about an individual like hispersonality, behaviour, inborn talent, multiple intelligences, intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, creativity quotient etc. Today Dermatoglyphics is being used all over the world for different findings like genetic disorder, psychological disorder, medical, human research, etc. However, to start with, we are using it for Multiple Intelligences in Educational Field.Dermatoglyphics is being used in various fields and multiple purposes like Medical, Psychological, Health, Counselling,Education, HR, Career, Matrimonial, Parenting and many more.

According to Dr. Albert Einstein , everyone is a Genius but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is a stupid. We urge you to understand that everyone has a different ability or particular talent. Often, comparing yourself to someone else’s abilities might mean overlooking what it is you are naturally more suited towards doing. In other words, Stop being a fish trying to climb a tree and embrace your fishiness. The point is that we’re not all made to be theoretical physicists. Aim for what you’re good at, work hard for what you want, and don’t beat yourself up when you can’t do everything perfectly.Thanku
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Coach Hina Soni(International Certified Career Coach, Master Coach NCDA-USA, Certified Family Therapist Certified Personality Development Trainer, Parenting Coach, Certified Dermatoglyphics Consultant)ABrain Child Development Private limited

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