Demand of Wisdom Era in Career and Life

 Become ultimate youth – In life, in career, in education 

Approximately 600 million populations in India is younger than 25 years of age. Near about 40% of the Indian population is aged between 13 to 35 years that is defined as youth according to the National Youth Policy .They have great enthusiasm and will to remove ills and injustice in society, love and respect for ideals and values not yet defined or identified. 



      “The Genius within”  (Demand of Wisdom Era)


  • Get control of your life
  • Build self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Improve your self-image
  • Improve & enjoy meaningful relationships
  • Get along with your parents
  • Overcome addiction
  • Eradicate fears and phobias
  • Let go of restricting emotional issues.
  • Handle relationship conflicts effectively
  • Eradicating depression, Anxiety Disorders, Insomnia Phobias .

In Career

    • Able to concentrate and focus to enhance your performance in career
    • Make smarter decisions
    • Get more done in less time
    • Increase your self confidence
    • To become influential public speaker

In Education

    • Find balance between school-college work, friends and everything else
    • Able to find the right career or profession for you
    • Alpha Meditation for better memory
    • Advanced Study Skills
    • Develop a keen focus and concentration.



Written By-:

Hina Soni 

(International Certified Career Coach ,

Personality Development Trainer,Certified Dermatoglyphics Consultant)